What's New (past 30 days)

Major Database Corruption
Last week something went wrong when entering some data and it overwrote the lcation information for just about every person in the database. The more recent backups were not accessible so I had to go back to the most recent that I could find, September 2020. Anything post more recently than that has been lost... which greatly disappoints me as I had done considerable research between now and the last month. Sigh.
If you have current information to add please enter it as a Suggested Change or else email it me and I can enter if tfor you. Please make sure you have a confirmed Source for the information. Such as a Marriage certificate or a link to an Ancestry database or something else that I can use to show that the information is legitimate.

Correction to the Birth of William Curtis in 1814
If there is anybody here following the trail of the Curtis Family, please note that a correction has just been placed in our Tree relating to the record of the birth of William Curtis in 1814. The record we had has been shown to be of a different William Curtis. That William Curtis who had William and Mary Curtis (nee Westmacott) as his parents IS NOT OF OUR TREE. I have changed our records. If you have this link in your records please change them. A note to that purpose has been filed with the names explaining why there has been the update.

Beware of the Tree Parrot!

Julia Stocker and I regularly deplore of the way some people have built their Tree information with little regard for ensuring that the facts are correct and relevant. A good example would be the many Trees out there that show Anne Loxton and William Griffin had 7 or 8 or even 9 children. They had 4. Some of them have Ann being born in 1797 in Kent. She was born in either Wells or North Wootton in 1800 or 1801.

If you see such wrong information on a tree website, ignore it, disregard it, to us they are a Tree Parrot! They just indiscriminately attach information looks like it might be the right person without evaluating if it really is the right person.



 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Location   Last Modified 
Loxton, Anne 
b. 1800  Wells, Somerset, England  22 Feb 2021